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      Discover west Jiuhua Mountains

      West Jiuhua Mountain Tourism Scenic Area is a tourist attraction developed by Henan West Jiuhua Mountain Tourism Development Co., Ltd. It is located in Chenlinzi Town, Gushi County, Henan Province, with a viewing area of ??120 square kilometers. [detailed]

      Gushi County is located in the western part of the Jianghuai River and the southern bank of the Huaihe River. It belongs to a monsoon climate zone from the north subtropical zone to the warm temperate zone. The climatological 0℃ isotherm passes by, and it is my country's north-south climate transition zone. The climate is humid, with abundant rainfall and four distinct seasons. The average temperature in January is 2°C, the average temperature in July is 29°C, and the annual average temperature is 16°C. It is known as "the north of the Yangtze River, and the north of the Yangtze River". The annual average sunshine is 2139 hours and the frost-free period is 228 days. [detailed]

      The terrain of Gushi County is high in the south and low in the north, sloping from southwest to northeast, with a slope of 1/1200. The highest point is Caojiazhai Mountain, which is 1025.6 meters above sea level. The lowest point is Shiguan River entering Huaikou, with an elevation of 22.4 meters, which is the lowest in the province. Point, the southern mountains are undulating, and the peaks and ridges are overlapping. The main ones are Caojiazhai Mountain, Wujian Mountain, Dayang Mountain, Nanny Temple Mountain, Huanggu Mountain, Fujin Mountain, Miaogaosi Mountain, Carrot Mountain, etc.; the central and southern parts of the West are hilly ridges. Zone; plains and solitary mounds in the east; genus in the north [detailed]

      Jiuhua Mountain is the dojo of the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. It is the first dojo in the Central Plains before the Jiuhua Mountain in Anhui Province, so it is called West Jiuhua Mountain. West Jiuhua Mountain is located in Gushi County in the southeast corner of Henan Province. It belongs to the middle section of the Dabie Mountains. It is a national AAAA-level scenic spot and has an viewing area of ??120 square kilometers. It is the largest ecological integration of "tea, bamboo, Zen, and landscape" in the Central Plains. Tourist attraction. The forest coverage rate of West Jiuhua Mountain Tourist Scenic Area is over 95%, and how much [detailed]

      1. Huatiao Dance: Huatiao Dance, commonly known as Huatiaozi, originated from the Han dance in Gushi County, Yangzhou City. It has a history of more than 400 years in Gushi County and is widely spread in the Jianghuai Valley. Gushi Huatiao is a unique form of Han folk dance in Xinyang City. It has been passed down and refined by artists from generation to generation and has become a typical representative of many Han folk dances in the Jianghuai River Basin and an excellent boutique of Han folk dance in southern Henan. The prop is a soft and flexible bamboo pole, wrapped in colored paper, [detailed]

      1. The "Tea Bamboo Folk Culture Village" surrounded by mountains: The Tea Bamboo Culture Folk Village is located in Baolingwan Village, West Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area. The village has a house and a border that show the vitality and simplicity of the rural areas of southern Henan, recreating southern Henan The cultural landscape and regional customs of the people’s commune in the countryside 50 years ago. Through the combination of new construction and transformation, a handicraft workshop was established to reproduce the ancient methods of winemaking, weaving, grain and oil processing, textile, weaving, iron art, pottery, soy products processing, dried noodle production and other thousands of years in southern Henan [detailed]

      Gushi is recognized at home and abroad as "the hometown of the Tang people, the ancestral land of Fujian and Taiwan" and "the first hometown of overseas Chinese in the Central Plains". (Historically, the Central Plains was the origin of immigration to Anhui, Jiangsu, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, especially Fujian and Taiwan. And distribution centers). This is because of the four large-scale "southern migrations" in Chinese history, Gushi was the main starting point and distribution center. These four migrations were the famous Yiguan Nandu and Barbarian Chaos. , Kaizhang, Dingmin, Jingkang, the most famous and profound influence [detailed]

      Exploring West Jiuhua Mountains
      Experience West Jiuhua Exploring West Jiuhua Mountains
      Ticket information

      Scenic pass: 100 yuan. Including 30 yuan for Liumeng River Valley, 30 yuan for Folk Culture Village, 20 yuan for Xungen Building, 20 yuan for tourist buses in the scenic spot. Students holding a student ID card are half-price; senior citizens over 70 years old, journalists, military personnel, and disabled persons are exempt from relevant certificates; children under 1.3 meters are exempt.


      The gastronomic culture of West Jiuhuashan Scenic Area originated from the Southern Henan Minjia series, which are all carefully cooked with natural raw materials. The various farm dishes are full of fragrance, oily but not greasy, and juicy and delicious. Eight signature dishes are now available in the scenic area: self-ground dry water tofu, mountain spring water stewed eggs, egret lake noodle stewed crucian fish, mountain self-made barrel fresh fish, clear stewed mountain chicken, dry pot Huai goat, self-raising southern Henan black pork, West Jiuhua characteristics Goose pieces are welcome to come and taste.


      There are quasi-four-star conference center hotel, quasi-three-star folk village hotel, Zhuyun Villas, Zenyin Yihe Hotel and other reception centers in the scenic area, which can accommodate the food and accommodation needs of more than 1,000 people at the same time. A comprehensive reception area integrating training, business negotiations, academic exchanges, vacations and health, outdoor recreation. Special note: On statutory holidays, the room rate will be increased by 30%, please consult before booking, Tel: 0376-4183000

      Expansion training

      Introduction to West Jiuhua Mountain Development Training: West Jiuhua Mountain Deren Development Training is located in the scenic West Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area, Gushi County, Henan Province, with beautiful scenery and complete supporting facilities. It is the first domestic largest collection of "tea, bamboo and Zen" in the Central Plains area. An integrated eco-tourism resort. It is the first to develop a new concept of tourism development in natural scenic spots in the world. We are committed to becoming a professional training organization that uses the internationally leading training model (experience-based development training) to assist domestic and foreign companies to improve the overall quality of their employees, and strengthen the spirit and efficiency of teamwork. Breaking through the single training model, integrating the trinity of "tea, bamboo, and Zen" in the West Jiuhua Mountain, mountain, water, love of heaven and human...

      business meeting

      West Jiuhuashan Conference Center is located in the core area of ??West Jiuhuashan Tourism Scenic Area, adjacent to the large-scale parking lot of the scenic area, with unique transportation and geographical location. The conference center is a quasi-four-star hotel, with nearly 100 deluxe suites, deluxe standard rooms, deluxe single rooms and business standard rooms. There are large, medium and small multimedia conference rooms, which can accommodate 20-200 people at the same time. There are also luxurious banquet halls, luxurious dining rooms, and the hotel is equipped with recreational facilities (gym, billiards room, tennis court, table tennis room, tea room, chess and card room, luxurious KTV rooms), integrating accommodation, special catering, entertainment, and conferences. One large multifunctional...


      Barbecue, fishing garden, bonfire party, gym, billiard room, tennis court, table tennis room, tea art hall, chess and card room, luxurious KTV private room, leisure and entertainment clubs

      Orchard picking

      The Picking Garden of West Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area is located on the banks of the Yangtze River. The cultivated trees include apples, pears, peaches, grapes, cherries, apricots, plums, strawberries, etc. It is a large-scale, comprehensive orchard. There are colorful color changes in the garden, giving people ample visual experience, using the effective combination of evergreen and deciduous tree species to create a garden landscape with flowers in three seasons and evergreen in four seasons, cars under the trees and people walking in the green Ecological picking orchard.

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      Memory west Jiuhua Mountains
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